Censil 69C


Description:Censil 69C it is a mixture of Si-69 silane coupling agent and carbon black with the same function as Si-69 but easier to operate. It can improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber and greatly strengthen tensile strenth, antitearing strenth,
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Item No.:

Censil 69C

Chemical Name:

Bis-[3-(triethoxysilyl)propyl]tetrasulfide (50%) and carbon black (50%)


Black granule

Solid Silane Bis-[-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl]-tetrasulfide Carbon Black for Tire Industry


Censil 69C

Chemical Properties

During the sulfidation, the coupling speed of S69C tetra sulfur alkyl group is nearly the same as curing behavior speed in sulfur cross-linking, which improves the heat generation of rubber and crackle extensibility. 4 S atoms can promote sulfurization

It can improve the stuffing strengtheningcharacteristics and increase abrasive resistance of rubber. As the rubber agent-curing ingredient and promoting agent.

It can increase their abrasive resistance, reduce hysteresis quality and hydroscopicity, improve their mechanical performance and splicing performance and increase their ageing performance, modulus and bending life-span.


The mixture of Bis-[3-(triethoxysilyl)-propyl]-tetrasulfide(50%) and Carbon Black (50%)

Di-(3- ethoxy silane propyl)--tetrasulfide and carbon black mixture


Test Items

Target Values

(Spec. Limits)


Black Granular

Sulfur Content %

12 ± 1

Ash Content %


Heating loss in 105°C



Silane Censil 69C is an e organic silane coupling agent that used in in below industries:

It can be successfully used in plastic industry;

It is fit for the perduren system with the strengthening agent of white carbon black, glass fiber, talcum powder, mica, clay, etc.

It is fit for the types of rubber: NR, NBR, SBR, IR, BR, EPDM, etc.

It can be used in the products in dynamic and statistic working condition, such as tyre, hose, rubber roll, cable insulation and coating material, shoe, mechanical foundry, etc.

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