Censil 69


Description:Silane coupling agent Censil-69(Si69) is bifunctional, sulfur-containing organosilane for rubber applications in combination with white fillers containing silanol groups
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Item No.:

Censil 69

Chemical Name

Bis [3-(triethoxysilyl) propyl] tetrasulfide

Chemical Formula:


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1. Sulfur containing organosilane modified Silica

2. Greater tensile strength

3.  Reduced compression set

4. Increased abrasion resistance 5. Low rolling resistance

Silane Coupling Agent Censil 69 Polysulfide Tetrasulfide Silane for Rubber

Chemical Properties

Silane coupling agent Censil 69 is a pale yellow clear liquid with light odor of ethyl alcohol and soluble easily in ethyl alcohol, acetone, benzene, toluene etc. Insoluble in water.

Equivalent Type

Silane coupling agent Si 69 ( Evonik ), Z-6940( Dow Corning), A-1289 ( Momentive ), KBE-846 ( Shin- Etsu ), TESPT


Test Item


Target Values


Alcohol content



CLPTES Content



Other impurity content



Viscosity 25°C (cps)



Sulfur Content



Average chain Length



S2 content



S3 content



S4 content



S5 to S8 content



Volatility (100°C /10min.)


≤ 1.0%

Specific Gravity (25°C)


1.080 ± 0.020

Refractive Index (25°C)


1.480 ± 0.020


Censil 69 reacts with silanol groups of white fillers during mixing and with the polymer during vulcanization under formation of covalent chemical bonds.

This imparts greater tensile strength, higher moduli, reduced compression set, increased abrasion resistance and optimized dynamic properties.

Crosile®69 is used in almost all fields of the rubber industry where silanol group containing white fillers are used and optimum properties are required.

Application fields are Low rolling resistance tires, mechanical rubber products, out shoe.

Censil 69 is a kind of multifunctional silane coupling agent that has been used successfully in the rubber industry.

Censil 69 is used to improve physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates.

Censil 69 is able to markedly improve tensile strength, tearing strength and abrasive resistance and reduce compression set of vulcanizates.

In addition, it can reduce the viscosity and improve the processability of rubber products.

Silane coupling agent Censil 69 is especially suitable to improve the reinforcing properties of fillers that contain hydroxyl groups in all unsaturated polymers having double bonds or their blends. Silica, talc powder, mica powder and clay can be used in combination with Censil 69 in polymers such as NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and EPDM.

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